15 FIFA World Cup Top Scorers 2022 List

Today is a very hard day for all football fans around the globe as World’s biggest football event FIFA World Cup 2022, after running for a month, is going to end with the final match between Argentina and France on 18th December 2022. 

Both teams have won the FIFA world cup twice, and whichever team wins today will do a hat-trick of winning the FIFA World Cup. Every footballer this season has played well but do you know who all are competing for the golden boot award 2022? Let’s look at these analytics. So here is the list of FIFA World Cup Top Scorers 2022:- 

FIFA World Cup Top Scorers 2022

1. Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is in the 1st place with 8 goals in his 7 matches. He is a footballer for the France team. His team would be playing the FIFA world cup final against Argentina. He played for a total of 477 minutes in this world cup.

2. Lionel Messi

Star footballer Lionel Messi has secured the number 2 spot with 7 goals in 7 matches. He also got 3 penalties while scoring. Messi has also played his 1000th game this season. He is the captain of the Argentina football team. His team is about to play against France in the final of the FIFA World Cup. His total playing time this season is 570 minutes.

3. Julian Alvarez

At 3rd position, we have another Argentina footballer Julian Alvarez. He grabbed the spot with 4 goals in 7 matches. His playing time is 360 minutes.

4. Olivier Giroud

Next, at the 4th number, we can see another French footballer Olivier Giroud. He did 4 goals in 6 matches. His playing time is around 379 minutes.

5. Goncalo Ramos

Going further at the 5th spot, we have a Portugal footballer Goncalo Ramos. He has played 4 matches and did 3 goals. His playing time is 151 minutes. His team is not in the finals, but he is definitely on the list of FIFA World Cup Top Scorers 2022.

6. Alvaro Morata

Next, in the 6th position, we have a footballer from Spain named Alvaro Morata. He got the spot by successfully kicking a goal into the net 3 times in 4 matches. His total playing time is around 182 minutes.

7. Bukayo Saka

The 7th number on the list is taken by Bukayo Saka, who plays for England’s football team. He played 4 matches and has 3 successful goals. He played for 289 minutes.

8. Richarlison

We have covered half of the list, and now, going further at 8th place, there is Richarlison, who plays from Brazil. He had played 4 matches and shot 3 goals. His total playing time this season is 323 minutes.

9. Marcus Rashford

Number 9, we have Marcus Rashford, another England footballer. He had played 5 matches with 3 successful goal hits. He played for a total of 136 minutes.

10. Enner Valencia

At number 10, we have Enner Valencia from Ecuador. He had played 3 matches and made 3 goals. He got 1 penalty while playing. His total playing time is 255 minutes.

11. Cody Gakpo

At the 11th spot is sitting Cody Gakpo from the Netherlands. He grabbed the position by making 3 goals in 5 matches. His total playing time is 449 minutes.

12. Bruno Fernandes

At the 12 position, we can see Bruno Fernandes, who comes from Portugal. He made 3 goals by playing 4 matches. He got 1 penalty while doing goals. His total playing time this season was 356 minutes.

13. Harry Kane

The player who grabbed the 13th place is Harry Kane, who plays from England. He scored 2 goals in 5 matches played so far. He also got 1 penalty while doing goals for the team. He played for a total of 401 minutes.

14. Niclas Fullkrug

The number 14th place is grabbed by Nicolas Fullkrug, who is a German footballer. He came to this position by making 2 goals in 3 matches. His total playing time this season is 66 minutes.

15. Vincent Aboubakar

We have come to the end of the list, and at number 15 is Vincent Aboubakar from Cameroon. He did 2 goals in 3 matches. He played for a total of 141 minutes.

Final words

All the players in the above list have played so well, and some are star footballers. But Kylian Mbappe will win the golden boot award as he scores the highest goals in this world cup.

There was tough competition between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe as they both were the two biggest claimants of this award. Still, Franch Kylian Mbappe made history by hitting 3 goals in the final match and winning the golden boot.

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